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Millennium Labs

Visual design + art direction

Project Objective:
Complete re-branding and website overhaul for a premium cannabis extract company in Seattle, Washington.

My mission: New logo/color palette/website that communicates what sets this company apart from its competitors. Provide art direction for illustrators and consulting on emerging tech marketing plans. 
Squad: 1 Designer (me) + 2 illustrators + 1 marketing manager + 1 project manager

Timeframe: 4 weeks + ongoing art direction
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop


design process



When starting most new design projects, I typically begin by making a moodboard. For this project, it was not only helpful for my own design process, but crucial in communicating my plans to the company stakeholders and investors.

After my first meeting with the CEO,  I learned about what set this company apart:
1) their top of the line laboratory
2) their company scientists

3) their commitment to the time-consuming process of producing premium, pesticide/chemical-free cannabis extracts.

I knew this needed to be represented in their branding and website. I communicated that a cannabis company like this does not need to have a site or branding that looks like a subculture. This is main stream in 2018. Millennium can communicate the luxury of their products using modern trends of botanical patterns, jewel tones, and flat/art deco designs.


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