matterport ar

UI + 3D Modeling + Unity development

Project Objective: to design a mobile app exploring the the marketing opportunities offered by augmented reality by combining Matterport 3D building scans and the Vuforia tracking toolkit.

My mission: 
• Build the app in Unity and design a touch interface for the user to interact with the model and view building features. 
• Create a promotional video to send to clients and the global Matterport community.  
Squad: 1 Designer (me) + 1 Matterport model creator

Timeframe: 3 weeks
Tools: Unity, 3DS Max, After Effects, Photoshop

final product

design process

Step 1: Project planning 

CliffsNotes Version: I chose to combine Vuforia augmented reality toolkit and our 3D Microsoft building scans to show existing and future clients the emerging technology potential for Matterport.

Dollhouse view of Matterport scan

Design AND build an app that will promote Tosolini's award-winning Matterport scans while also showing clients new marketing uses for their building scans using augmented reality.

Having worked on projects for Microsoft, I knew I wanted to combine the Vuforia augmented reality toolkit with our Tosolini Matterport scans. Matterport creates a "dollhouse" view of the model in their online viewer and a VR compatible version but there had not been an AR product yet. Tosolini's would be the first. The users I envisioned for this project would be convention attendees, networkers, and Matterport service providers that could wow potential clients using a simple business card and smart phone.

I designed a tracker image using Tosolini's Matty award, a subtle brag. 

What should this app do?

The finished app needed to be straightforward and simple to use. Something that even those unfamiliar with AR could easily utilize and understand. I decided on using a tracker image, something that could be a business card or flyer, that would be linked to the 3D model. The user would simply point their phone's camera at the image and the Matterport building model would appear. 

Step 2: Design/build the user interface and interactions 

Step 3: Launch AR + Matterport tutorial series 

Example of how Matterport scans are typically viewed - using the Matterport online viewer.