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matterport ar

My Role: Creative Direction, 3D Modeling, Unity development

Project Objective: to design a mobile app exploring the the marketing opportunities offered by augmented reality by combining Matterport 3D building scans and the Vuforia tracking toolkit. 

• Build the app in Unity and design a touch interface for the user to interact with the model and view building features. 
• Create a promotional video to send to clients and the global Matterport community.  
Squad: 1 Designer, 1 Project Manager

Timeframe: 3 weeks
Tools: Unity, 3DS Max, After Effects, Photoshop

final product

design process

CliffsNotes Version: I chose to combine Vuforia augmented reality toolkit and our 3D Microsoft building scans to show existing and future clients the emerging technology potential for Matterport.

Example of how Matterport scans are typically viewed - using the Matterport online viewer. 

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